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Thank you for visiting Borderlands Horse Sanctuary. We believe in respecting our elders and consider it an honor to care for the senior horses that call Borderlands "HOME". We  wish that all senior horses could live out their golden years being pampered and spoiled. Senior horses have so much wisdom and knowledge that every day I learn something new from each horse. It truly is a privilege to care for these "warriors" and we look forward to providing a permanent and dignified retirement to senior horses that need a place to call "home".

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Established in May 2006 as a private rescue, Borderlands Horse Sanctuary changed their focus in 2011 to senior horses. In the spring of 2016, Borderlands became a 501(c) non-profit within the State of South Dakota.

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Borderlands Horse Sanctuary provides a dignified and permanent retirement home for senior horses and horses with special needs.

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Sanctuary / Retirement

We provide a permanent retirement home to senior horses.

Communication and Outreach

We provide assistance to local horse owners, providing education, communication, and assistance.

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