Borderlands Horse Sanctuary

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Barn Name: Mayhem
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 7 years old

Sanctuary resident since September 2011. Mayhem wasn't supposed to be a part of the Sanctuary but she was part of a deal. We wanted to bring Rabbit (Mayhem's mother) into the Sanctuary and Mayhem was part of the deal. At the time she was only three months old. She was born the wrong color and had an umbilical hernia (two strikes against her). We have since discovered that she has a heart murmur after a trip to the vets. We are fundraising for her hernia surgery and once that is taken care of, she'll be sent off for some education to be a light riding horse. We have given her plenty of time to grow and in the past year she has gone from a very petite little filly to a very muscular mare. It is such an enjoyment to watch Mayhem grow and know that she will not end up with a terrible fate because she was born the wrong color. 

Mayhem is an easy keeper; however, we are fundraising for her umbilical hernia surgery. Mayhem needs a sponsor. She is in the Easy Keeper Feed Program and is looking for a sponsor to help with her surgery.